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Collector's Guide for Indentifying Common
American Military Gas Masks

This book provides in depth information and a reference guide for identifying 53 common American military gas masks and it also includes information about another 43 uncommon military, special purpose and civilian American gas masks.

260 Pages; 650 Photos; ISBN 978-1-365-28339-0
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Book Price $39.50

M4 Army Lightweight Service Mask M17A2 Chemical Biological Field Mask

GAS MASK INDEX - M4 Lightweight Service Mask to M17A2 Field Mask

Gas Mask Index - M1 Service Mask to M3A1 Lightweight Service Mask
Gas Mask Index - M4 M18 Head Wound Mask to M53 Protective Mask
Gas Mask Index - MI Diaphragm Mask to WWI Training Mask

M4 Army Lightweight Service Mask*
M4A1 Army Lightweight Service Mask*
M4 Horse Gas Mask
M4 Oil Vapor Special Gas Mask (Special Purpose Gas Mask)
M5 Horse Gas Mask
M6 Dog Gas Mask
M7 Head Wound Gas Mask
M8 Army Snout Type Service Mask*
M9 Field Protective Mask
M9 Field Protective Mask (left-hand)*
M9A1 Field Protective Mask*
M9A1 Field Protective Mask (left-hand)
M10 Acid and Organic Vapors Gas Mask (Special Purpose Gas Mask)
M11 All-Purpose Gas Mask (Special Purpose Gas Mask)
M11A1 All-Purpose Gas Mask (Special Purpose Gas Mask)
M12 Ammonia Gas Mask (Special Purpose Gas Mask)
M13 Oxygen Breathing Gas Mask (Special Purpose Gas Mask)
M13 Headpiece, Hospital Collective Protector (noncombat)
M14 Tank Protective Mask
M14A1 Tank Protective Mask*
M14A2 Tank Protective Mask
M15 Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus
M16 Civilian Gas Mask (Civilian Gas Mask CDV-800)
M17 Mask* (Mask, Chemical Biological: Field ABC-M17)
M17A1 Mask* (Mask, Chemical Biological: Field ABC-M17A1)
M17A2 Mask (Mask, Chemical Biological: Field ABC-M17A2)


*Fully illustrated common American military gas masks in book.


Ron Ruble Copyright (c) 2016