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Books for sale published by Ron Ruble Enterprises are available on the internet at In the near future we will also be selling rare antique and used books on 'The Book Store'.

About author Ron Ruble: Born in Indianapolis Indiana, Ron Ruble’s experience working in the engineering field from a mechanical designer to an aerospace manufacturing engineer plus years as a antique dealer of unusual strange items and with his lifelong interest in antique weapons, fossils, art, ancient history, strange unexplained artifacts which provides a unique basis on collecting and alternate history.

New Book Research:
Ron Ruble is starting major research of ancient archaeological sites in Tennessee USA and surrounding areas. There are many very ancient sites and artifacts in Tennessee and surrounding areas that main-stream archaeologist cannot explain and ignore because they does not fit into their ‘known written history’. More information will be posted soon.
Other current book projects include Photographic History of Miami, Arizona and reference guide to patents of historical firearms.

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Books Published by Ron Ruble Enterprieses
GAS MASKS Collector's Guide American Military Gas Masks

Collector's Guide for Indentifying Common
American Military Gas Masks

With more than 650 photographs, this book provides in depth information and a reference guide for identifying 53 common American military gas masks and it also includes information about another 43 uncommon military, special purpose and civilian American gas masks. The book is easily usable by a novice military collector that knows little or nothing about American military gas masks and at the same time, provides a useful quick reference book for the advanced collector. It covers American gas masks and accessories used during the Great War of 1917-1918 to the modern day M50 series Joint Service General Purpose Masks. Additional collector information is included about the quantities of masks manufactured for or procured by the United States military, manufacturing date markings on masks, fakes and reproductions, items issued with gas masks, hints for easy gas mask identification and historical information relating to collecting of American military gas masks.
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260 Pages; 650 Photos; ISBN 978-1-365-28339-0
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Price $39.50

Gatling Gun patent drawings book

Dr. Richard's Jordon Gatling's
Gatling Gun Patent Drawings

This book contains copies of all Dr. Gatling’s original Gatling Gun patent and patent drawings from the United States Patent Office. Also included are the patent drawings of the Broadwell Drum Feed, Bruce feed and Accles feed that was used on Colt Gatling Guns. Shortly after the outbreak of the American Civil War, Dr. Richard J. Gatling began work on his most famous invention. A prototype gun was made late in 1861 and was demonstrated in Indianapolis early in 1862. On November 4, 1862, Dr. Gatling received the first of his 10 patents for the famous gun that etched his name into history forever. The Gatling Gun was sometimes called by Dr. Gatling, Colt Firearms Company and the United States Patent Office as a battery gun, rotating battery gun, rotating cannon and machine gun. When the “modern” machine gun was made, it was referred to as an automated machine gun. These patent drawings provide a step back in time to view a technically advanced 19th century weapon that changed history

108 Pages; 10 Patents; ISBN 978-0-557-05955-3
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Price $19.50

1927 Auction Catalog ARMS & ARMOUR of Archduke Eugen

of Archduke Eugen, 1927 Auction Catalog

This book is a reprint of the 1927 auction catalog that sold the Arms and Armour collection of the Archduke Eugen from the armory at Fortress Hohenwerfen near Salzburg, Austria. The entire content from the armory (over 2000 individual items) was sold in 1155 auction lots on March 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, 1927 in New York. The catalog has over 102 photographs showing 290 of the items in the sale including 10 suits of armor. Original copies of the 1927 Archduke Eugen Arms and Armour auction catalog are almost impossible to find and they are greatly desired by arms and armor collectors for its historical significance and valued reference of early weapons and armour from the 15th to 19 century. Original title of the 1927 auction catalog, sale number 2140 by The Anderson Galleries, New York, was “The Great Historical collection of Arms & Armour, the entire contents of the Armoury, Fortress Hohenwerfen near Salzburg, Austria, Inherited & Augmented by H. I. & R. H. Archduke Eugen, F. M.”.

264 Pages; 290 Photo Items; ISBN 978-1-4357-1804-3
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Price $27.50


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