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Collector's Guide for Indentifying Common
American Military Gas Masks
by Ron Ruble
US Military Gas Masks

With more than 650 photographs, this book provides in depth information and a reference guide for identifying 53 common American military gas masks and it also includes information about another 43 uncommon military, special purpose and civilian American gas masks. The book is easily usable by a novice military collector that knows little or nothing about American military gas masks and at the same time, provides a useful quick reference book for the advanced collector. It covers American gas masks and accessories used during the Great War of 1917-1918 to the modern day M50 series Joint Service General Purpose Masks. Additional collector information is included about the quantities of masks manufactured for or procured by the United States military, manufacturing date markings on masks, fakes and reproductions, items issued with gas masks, hints for easy gas mask identification and historical information relating to collecting of American military gas masks.

Book Product Details

ISBN 978-1-365-28339-0
Copyright - Ron Ruble (Standard Copyright License)
Edition - First Edition
Publisher - Ron Ruble Enterprises
Published - October 2, 2016
Language - English
Pages - 260
Binding - Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink - Black & white
Weight - 1.73 lbs.
Dimensions (inches) - 8.5 wide x 11 tall
Price (U.S. dollars) - $39.50

Preview of book - PDF File (26.2 MB)

M1 Service Mask to M3A1 Lightweight Service Mask
M4 Lightweight Service Mask to M17A2 Field Mask
M4 M18 Head Wound Mask to M53 Protective Mask
MI Diaphragm Mask to WWI Training Mask

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GAS MASKS Collector's Guide for Identifying Common American Military Gas Mask


Ron Ruble Copyright (c) 2016